Financial literacy for teenagers 4×4

Financial literacy for teens 4x4

"I want to navigate better in money issues, but I am busy. There are not many courses like this, but I need the flexibility in financial education.
Honestly? We are the same, just a bit older than you. That is why we have prepared an accelerated Financial Literacy Teenage Course for you, which brings results after 1st month already. Packed with great and useful info on your personal finance, budgeting, earning income and planning for the bright future, the course is arranged to 4 meetings, 4 hours each, covering 16 financial education topics. You will be able to decide for yourself in money questions, to set your own financial goals and respond to the current situation on the stock exchanges or at crypto market. Yes, our modern lectures cover even CRYPTOCURRENCIES, as well as Gold Standard topics and some of Warren Buffet’s ideas.
At the completion of the course, you will receive an EFC Certificate - excellent supplement to your Résumé (CV).

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