Our money & values

Our money & values

"Mom, how do I save some money when I always spend it all? And I want so many new things that my friends have had for a long time! ”
Your son or daughter may stay at peace. This online course provides useful ways on how to save money, how to restrain from impulsive buying and how to enjoy the money too. We will also introduce cool inspirations for your children to make some extra resources for themselves. We lead young people to the basics personal finance and budgeting, towards entrepreneurial thinking. On the way we explore functions of banks, the value of money, inflation, supply and demand, investments, cryptocurrencies and gold standard, or the protection of the information they might (not)share on the Internet. At the end of the course, each child will receive a certificate of completion of the course from the EFC.
Very good choice for older children and younger teenagers, which increases their intelligence, bust their entrepreneurial talent and promotes their self-confidence.

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