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"Financial literacy leads young people to success and prosperity in life. The future is in their hands..."

The future in your own hands

🎓 Kids learn to take charge of their money

Financial literacy is a ‘‘must‘‘ for children to get ready for the world of tomorrow.

We do not teach for the exam. We teach for life.

Enroll your child to our money course to see the true quality of modern education.

Our TOP Topics rated by kids:
- Sources of the income
- How do banks make money?
- What is the insurance?
- Why do we pay taxes?
- What was the Gold standard?
- Inflation and Investments
- Employment or Business?
- Crypto, NFT’s and META World
- Setting up own business step by step

  • EFC Education & Finance Center is the first private school in Slovakia, teaching children to understand money from the age of 8-18 years old.
  • Our financial education program is made in a modern, easy and playful way, complying with international standards for financial education.
  • Children and teenagers discover the world of money and business in our online and in-school courses with live teachers.
  • At EFC, we believe that all children love to learn if learning is fun.
  • Financial education is a must, because everyone uses money in life.

Development of financial literacy in children and young adults without family and social background.

Our Team

👋🏼 Teachers

Natália Antošová

I am the founder and the CEO of EFC - Education& Finance Center. My vision is to provide actual, real life financial education to all children. I am convinced that money skills will raise children's lives to higher standards - financially and mentally. I can't wait to see our little financiers growing into exceptional people with the right values in life.

Silvia Hederová

,, I am very happy to pass on my professional experience from the world of finance, especially to teenagers and adult students. They are an inspiration to me and teaching makes my day beautiful.'' I teach financial literacy in the following languages: ENG, SVK

Kristína Kalinay

,,My mission is education. At EFC, I got a unique opportunity to teach financial literacy in a modern, fun and professional way. It's important to me that children know how to apply in real life what they learn about money. I teach financial literacy in the following languages: ENG, SVK

Alina Dunaieva

"I have been living in Slovakia for 3 years. Since 2023, I have been educating Ukrainian children in financial literacy at EFC in my native language - Ukrainian. I am very inspired that through EFC I can also change the destinies of people who have gone through troubles in life.''' I teach financial literacy in the following languages: UKR, SVK, ENG

Petra Hargašová

"I am happy that EFC gave me the opportunity to educate orphan children from about finances. These little geniuses feel that education is the way to achieve happiness and success in life. My dog Linda, who is a professional therapy dog, is also with me in the classes with the children.'' I teach financial literacy in the following language: SVK

Samuel Tóth

I enjoy teaching children about the topics of the future. I am a professional programming teacher for smaller children. I also discovered EFC is a great opportunity to teach financial literacy. I am convinced that IT and finance are an excellent combination for success in children's future life.' I teach financial literacy in the following language: SVK

Dominika Sýkorová

"I was the first teacher at EFC. This school, people and especially smaller children are closest to my heart. I really like to guide them in discovering the world of money from a young age. I teach financial literacy in the following language: SVK

Elyse Harman

I live in Texas, USA. "After visiting Europe I fell in love with Slovakia. Financial literacy courses are great inspiration for me and I enjoy teaching children about money here in Texas and online anywhere in the world.'' I teach financial literacy in the following languages: ENG, SVK

Veronika Nošková

''I'm used to working with people, but I really enjoy working with children. I teach financial literacy in person in Nitra Slovakia and also online.'' I teach financial literacy in the following languages: ENG, SVK

Emna Ben Ouachech

,, I am a professional coach, teacher and mother of 3 boys. In my own time, I translated all financial literacy courses from EFC into Arabic so that I could also educate my children in Dubai, where we all livea. EFC is an amazing project and as a parent I know how important financial education is from early ages. I teach financial literacy in the following languages: ARAB, ENG, FR


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