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"Financial literacy leads young people to success and prosperity in life. The future is in their hands..."

- Natalia Antosova, CEO

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Financial literacy is vital for modern education system

EFC is one of the unique private schools in Europe teaching financial education. Our team works daily with the vision to provide financial knowledge to new generations from children’s age, through teenage years up to young adults. We provide financial knowledge in modern and easy way, with the emphasize on real life needs. Our courses are specially designed for age groups from 8-11, 12-15, 16-18 and 18+. All participants appreciate the fun and challenges on classes, online and interactive environment and real life value receiving from financial education program.
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  • Marek and Dominika (35)
    "Whew! So this is what my wife and I have been waiting for 🙂 We are entrepreneurs and remember our beginnings. We didn't know anything about money and starting a business was very difficult for us financially. We guide our children to entrepreneurship but in today's fast and consumerist times, some things are hard to explain to them.... Thank you EFC for helping us with our education!"
    Marek and Dominika (35)
    - Entrepreneurs - sale of bearings, children Miško(10) and Pet'ka (15)
  • Mary (53)
    "As a high school teacher, I have witnessed that public schools are not prepared for financial education. Teaching about money is usually ''checked out'' in the classroom. I'm glad there is EFC where kids actually learn about personal finance everything that we had to figure out through trial and error."
    Mary (53)
    - Teacher at a grammar school in Nitra, son Dominik (17)
  • Jarmila (38)
    "After a year with Corona, our children (and we parents) are looking for a club where they can have fun and learn something practical in the presence of other children. Education about money is never a bad thing. We like the fact that the school is ready for the third wave of Covid and have been told that they will teach small groups with a maximum of 6 children. Great and fingers crossed!"
    Jarmila (38)
    - Online sales and advertising. Children Romanka (11) and Danielka (8)
  • Zuzana and Marek Janosikov (36)
    "My husband and I are looking for a club for our son where he can learn practical things for life in addition to football. Everyone needs financial education, I guess. Great initiative, we will definitely sign our son up!"
    Zuzana and Marek Janosikov (36)
    - Employed in a construction company, son Bruno (9) and daughter Sara (13)
  • Adriana (40)
    "For my child, I want them to understand money early enough. Further, I want him to spend time in the right company of people that inspire and push him forward. I see the EFC Financial Education Center as a great alternative in offering after-school education for children."
    Adriana (40)
    - Artist, son Andrej (10)
  • Eva (42)
    "For several years I have been looking for a club for my daughters where they can learn to understand money. Anything they don't get from me as a mother, they are happy to accept and understand from others. I am glad to finally be able to enroll them in EFC and I believe I am giving them the best education in life."
    Eva (42)
    - Tax advisor and mother of Sofia (13) and Klárka (9)
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