Board game for fun learning about money!

The board game VR€CKOVÉ is a Slovak unique. Your child will have fun while playing the game and while learning the basics of financial literacy.

Do you want your child to understand better the value of money, but your explanation is not enough?

Buy your kids the GROWTH Board Game and spark fun, competition and, most importantly, lots of topics about finances in everyday life. The life situations that players go through during the game are an excellent opportunity for learning, communication and discovery.

What's in the board game box BACK hiding?

Get your kids or students the VR€CKOVÉ board game and get the fun and learning flowing!


Entertainment and financial education from childhood

In our experience of educating children in financial literacy, we know that parents often encounter various problems in educating their children to manage their money wisely.
In the game VR€CKOVÉ ...

In addition, thanks to record sheet for the game, which you can download here...

children learn to distinguish between income and expenditure. This will make it easier for parents and teachers to explain how to make a financial plan or family budget.

Feel free to order this unique board game VR€CKOVÉ

and create the perfect first impression of the world of personal finance for your children or your classroom.

Reviews customers

We have it at home, my daughter is happy, she enjoys the game. Write me a message or contact the seller, I also contacted them.

Viera Š.

A very popular game with us, the 6 year old plays it and the 4 year old plays it too.

Zuzana H.

Super game, easy, fun and informative. I recommend it!

Martina K.

Hey, guys. I am writing to you as the coordinator of the Trnava Clubhouse project - we are very interested in your games and so we already have them in my non-profit. But now we are starting the 3rd clubhouse for young people in Trnava and we would like to equip these clubhouses with your games...

Lukas H.

Nase o.z Škôlkariq is dedicated to the cognitive development of children through guided social games. We have the pocket game in our portfolio of games and we choose it very often, the children like it very much paci❤️ Since they play with money that looks like real money, they have the feeling that they are already big;)We play pocket games in a group of children from about 7 years old, but it has already been on the table with 5 year olds and it went great for them (we have modified the rules for them, respectively). Overall, the game is great in that, thanks to the "real" money, the children are interested, so they do not have any resistance to feeling (they feel their own game money, which is decreasing and increasing over time). I highly recommend it for freshmen-sophomores-third graders to practice numeracy (the exercises are not worth the world, to feel the money yes😂 so why not use it;) ). ❤️

Denise D.

Peter H., how about under the little one's tree?

Katarína D.

A quick and simple game. We like to play pexeso and clove. I bought it for my grandson who was 6 at the time and he was thrilled.

Dasha Z.

It was a nice birthday present 🥳🎈🎉 I like to play quick and easy games with my granddaughter. The game has also proven useful in the classroom since I am a teacher of second graders in elementary school. ❤️

Zuzana B.

Thank you from ❤️. Veeeeeeeeery much looking forward🥰 I'm writing ss. 👍

Ľubomíra M.

Children discover the world of money safe, modern and engaging!

Buy the board game VR€CKOVÉ and help children without families find their way to financial stability

By purchasing the VR€CKOVÉ board game you also support children in Slovak orphanages, for whom we provide financial education with our own tutors. We believe that everyone needs to be educated about finances in everyday life, no matter who or what they become one day in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We designed the board game VR€CKOVÉ for 7 to 11 year old children and pupils of the 1st grade of primary school. We took into account their current mental development, their ability to evaluate and their first experience with paying in a shop or buying on the Internet. Based on these foundations, we invented and patented the VR€CKOVÉ board game.

The game can be played by 2 -5 active players plus the banker. The banker has no pieces of his own, but takes an active part in the game. The banker is usually a parent or educator who issues and collects the money and also oversees fair play.

In the game box you will find the game board, play money, a set of mystery cards, wooden pieces and dice and of course the instructions. In addition, you can download and print out the Record Sheet, where players record their income and expenses during the game. This document will make it easier to explain to children later how to create a personal budget and financial plan.

The board game VR€CKOVÉ develops financial literacy from a young age. Children will learn to understand the differences between income and expenditure or between what they want and what they actually need. Players will improve their banknote recognition, counting, squaring and overall cash handling through the game. 

In addition, while playing the game you improve family or friendship relationships, children learn to ask logical questions and see the immediate financial consequences of various life situations in the game.

Parents and teachers get inspiration for other topics about finances that they can develop with their children in an age- and developmentally-appropriate way thanks to the VR€CKOVÉ game.

Is the game suitable for school?

Yes, we also sell the VR€CKOVÉ board game to primary schools, leisure centres, community centres and wherever children go for clubs and afternoon activities. Its easy and fast pace makes the game suitable for school lessons too.

If your children understand Man Don't Be Angry or Monopoly, they will understand the board game VR€CKOVÉ intuitively within 3 minutes. 

However, what is important to say is that in the game of 'HUNDREDS', the pieces are not discarded like in Human and even the game has 2 types of winners: the Rich Winner and the Lucky Winner.

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